Funko Pop! Star Trek SET of 2: TNG PICARD & TOS SCOTTY Vinyl Figures

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We know, we know.  These 2 Star Trek fan-favorites come from different eras. But we all know the drill by now.  We Pop! fans just collect the characters we just like.  Be completist, and your wallet will be completely disintegrated.  

#83 Star Trek TOS Scotty

#188 Star Trek TNG Capatain Jean Luc Picard

Kramer Partner Notes:

1. Picard is nearly mint.  It's actually mint, but for the investor in all of us, there will surely be some blemishes that will not escape your eyes.

2. Scotty has a dent on the upper back right side corner.  Please zoom in on the 2nd pic

 3. Comes with Pop! Protectors

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