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Rewards Catalogue


Thank you for joining our new Kramer Tokens rewards program! 
If you haven't joined yet, hurry and hop on here.


Start earning Kramer Tokens now for every purchase of non-sale items. Use your Tokens to redeem awesome discounts and freebies.

P1.00 Spend = 1 Kramer Token

If you are already a member of other store's loyalty programs, or in the process of trying to hit that minimum spend to become a VIP, Kramer Tokens is our invitation for you to try us out.

We know the feeling of being "obligated" to purchase from your current store, so can get those flat discounts.

With Kramer Tokens, our rewards catalogue is designed to be enticingly dynamic! For example, get 10% discounts on your next purchase just by spending P7,000 (equiv. to 7,000 Tokens); whereas in other programs you have to spend 3x as much.


Know more about our current rewards below.  Expect us to add more crazy deals soon.  So be sure to check us out regularly.


Free Funko Pop! or P595 Discount on Select Items

Get a FREE Regular Pop! for 6,000 Tokens. See your list of choices here. If the Pop! you fancy is priced more than P595 (e.g. Exclusive Pops),  then this offer will convert automatically into a flat P595 discount!  For Non-Pop! collectors, please still do check out the list.  We added a few easter eggs in the rewards choices.

Note:  Make sure to add your chosen gift at checkout first before you enter the promo code.

10% Discount Storewide

Hoard 7,000 Tokens and get 10% discount on any and ALL items in our store and website (except for items on consignment from our various Kramer Partners.)  This reward option is perfect for set buyers of Marvel Legends, as you can get your next set for as low as P1,345.50 per figure.  


Free Funko Pop! Key Chain

Redeem for 3,500 Tokens.  Buy 5 to 6 of your favorite Funko Pops, and get to take home 1 FREE Pop! Key Chain!   For non-Pop! fans, this is a great chance for you to discover the wonderful world of vinyl collecting.  Or gift your freebie to one of your diehard Pop! friends.  View your reward choices here.


5% Discount Storewide

Start here! or hoard your Tokens for bigger rewards.  For just 3,500 Tokens, you can get 5% discount on your next purchase for ALL items storewide.






Free BEATLES Tote Bag 


FREE Shipping!

Planning to splurge on multiple items? Save as much as P800 on shipping, using just 3,000 Tokens






Kramer Tokens is just the start of our exciting plans to give you a fun and new Kramer Experience.

Watch out for more awesome news soon! In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Start earning those Tokens now.