Hurray! We have 2 active promos for the Holidays!


Join our #AlliWantfromKramer treat, and get 10% Discount!

Avoid the guessing, this Christmas.  Tell your family and friends exactly what you want; and get 10% discount, which you may also share with them for some savings.


How to Join:

1) Go to the item(s) in our website that you want your friends or family to buy for you. And share it on facebook. (See guide below)

 2) Tag them in your post together with the hashtags #AlliWantfromKramer and #Kramertoywarden

3) Message us in our facebook page and we'll then send you the secret Promo Code for your new 10% discount.  

Notes: The secret promo code may be used multiple times and is shareable.

This offer will expire on Dec. 24, 2017.



The Crazy Big Bang Theory Sale!

Extended until Dec. 29!

Get 40% discount on Q-Pops of Sheldon and the gang!

Promo Code: BIG BANG!

You can use this code until Dec. 29!


How to Use the Promo Codes:

Enter the code at Checkout, like so...

And then your discount will automatically be applied on your totals, like so.


Use your codes Now!