Kramer Distribution

We're looking for retail partners!  If you're interested in opening an account with us, please drop us an email at: 

Below are some questions you might have in mind; and short replies to get you started.

Do you require downpayments for wholesale pre-orders?

No, pay only when your orders arrive. 

Will we receive our stock orders at the same time as Kramer’s retail stores will sell them?
Yes, and possibly even earlier.  We will aim for SAME day seling for all future releases (currently not in our warehouse).  This means that we will announce order pick-ups and fulfill delivery requests 5 to 7 days before all retail partners may sell their stocks.  This is to ensure a fair and level playing field.  


Can I order through your website? 

We are currently working on this feature.  And will be launched in 2 to 3 months. 

What product lines do you offer?
KW is currently the authorized distributor of Quantum Mechanix (QMx) in the Philippines. We are extremely proud of this partnership. QMx is a creative house to reckon with.  From vinyl figures to prop replicas and 1:6th scale premium figures, QMx only release high quality products with meticulous attention to details.  You may check their website at
Aside from QMx, we're also working on 2 more supply partners. Stay tuned. 


So how do I start?

Just drop us an email at or call us at (0917) 513-7156.  Then, if possible with you, our Kramer owners would like to meet your team in person