[No Logo] Funko Pop! Protector Pro 0.5mm for 4" Pops (Singles) with Film

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Kramer Pop Protector Pro 0.5mm - Single piece

Sometimes, we just need that extra insurance to protect our Funko Pop! Grails and Favorites. And we just got that thing for you.

Introducing Kramer Protector PRO 0.5mm for 4-inch Funko Pops.

Made thicker with Archival-Grade PET plastic, used to preserve historical documents in museums and libraries, our Pro 0.5mm protectors are designed to protect your Pops from dust, dirt, and possible degradation from the elements.

Engineered with rigid and reinforced edges to ensure your Pop does not get damaged from accidental drops and rough handling.

Measurement: 11.8cm x 9.2cm x 16.1cm

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