Planet Express Ship Master Series 12-inch Replica with Lights

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The Ultimate Planet Express Replica for all Futurama fans! Authentic and licensed by our friends at Quantum Mechanix.

12 inches wide and 12" tall with stand!

The animated cult classic TV show Futurama follows the misadventures of 20th century pizza guy Philip J. Fry as he experiences life in the 31st century (after a freak cryogenics accident) with an eccentric crew of characters from the year 3000. One thousand years from now the Planet Express team travels the galaxy delivering packages and general craziness to their customers.

This Planet Express Ship Master Series Replica is an authentic re-creation of the ship as seen on the show. The built-in lighting system illuminates the cockpit, portholes and exhaust, operating on three AAA batteries (included). The replica features QMx's unique magnetic stand which allows collectors to lift off or land their ship with ease.

Re-live the fun of Futurama with your very own intergalactic cargo transport!


Just Ship:
12” L x 3.75” H x 4.25” W
30.48cm L x 9.53cm H x 10.80cm W

Just Stand:
6.5” L x 5” H x 3.5” W
16.51cm L x 12.7cm H x 8.89cm W

Ship and Stand:
12” L x 8.25” H x 4.25” W
30.48cm L x 20.96cm H x 10.80cm W



ABS, PVC, acrylic, neodymium magnets.