Mystery Pop! Exclusives for SURE PASS Holders

Coming Soon!

Mystery Pop! Exclusives are Kramer's collection of (for now) SECRET but CONFIRMED future releases of Ultra-Limited Convention and Shared Pop! Exclusives. 

It's a Mystery!

We're sworn to secrecy. Though confirmed, we are not yet allowed to disclose any details of these ultra-hot Pops.  The actual reveal will only be announced once we get the green light from Funko.  For now, what we can only say with confidence are:

1) These are Pops you will likely find yourself lining up for hours in stores and conventions!

2) Quantities will be very very limited!

Ready Your Tokens!

To reward loyal members of our Kramer Tokens Rewards Club, we will be introducing a new reward item (soon) called Kramer SURE PASS.

Sure Passes will allow you to secure your slots to purchase any of the Mystery Pop Exclusives.  1 Pass = 1 Exclusive.

But since these Exclusives will be very limited, our issuance of Sure Passes will also be very limited. So be sure you have enough tokens to redeem your Sure Passes.

2,500 Tokens  =  1 Sure Pass

Check your Tokens Balance now. 

Here's how:

Step 1: Login to your Kramer Account

Step 2: Tap on the "Check Rewards" Icon found at the bottom of your screen.

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Just create an Account with us here

Earn 2,500 Tokens by spending at least P2,500, or take advantage of our promotional 2x Token Weekends to earn Tokens faster.

Once we open the slots, you can claim your SURE PASSES, by logging in to your Kramer account, then tap on "Check Rewards," and tap on Claim.

Need more info?  Watch our How to Join video tutorial Here