Free Regular Pop! of your CHOICE - 6,000 Tokens

Have it your way!

For a Limited Time Only! CHOOSE the *FREE Regular Pop! you Want!  Including NEW ARRIVALS!

This Reward requires:

  • 6,000 Tokens
  • Minimum new purchase of P595

This reward has a P650 value. So if you fancy a Pop! in this catalog that's priced above P650, this offer will automatically convert into a flat P650 discount!  

Likewise, if you chose a reward that's below P650, the remaining balance will be credited to your new purchase as a discount.  e.g. for the required min new purchase, you bought another Pop! for P595.  The remaining balance of P55 (P650-P595) will be deducted from your total.  So you only need to pay, P540.

*Multiple claims of the same item is not allowed. Please limit to (1) One of each kind of Item Per Day. 

To avail of this offer, please carefully follow the steps below:

1. Redeem your Coupon Code first.

  • Here's How? Login to your Store Account first.

  • Then click/tap on "CHECK REWARDS" at the bottom of your screen.

  • Under Rewards, tap "Redeem" Free Funko Pop! of your Choice. This will generate the unique code for you.

2. Once you have your Code, make sure to add to cart the specific Reward item you've chosen from this catalog.

3. Copy and Paste your Coupon Code at check-out. 

That's it.  Our system will automatically take care of the rest.

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