New Arrivals - week of February 10, 2020

New Arrivals - week of February 10, 2020

TL;DR:  A small quantity of interesting stocks arrived this week.  And ALL of them are going straight to our preorder customers.

Funko has taken over our store shelves for the past 4-5 years now.  We love 'em. We're avid collectors ourselves.  But Kramer is more than Pops.  This small delivery highlights some of the other interesting items that we carry; and a renewed drive to offer more like them in the future.  Almost all of them are going straight to our preorder customers.  So don't be surprised if you can't find them on our website and store shelves.  But if you're interested, just let us know by leaving a comment below, message us at fb, or call our hotline at +63917 513-7156. We're all ears and would love to stock them for you.


Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira Statue Polyresin Statue by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Inspired by the character's ties to Greek mythology, the Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira Statue reimagines her as a classical Greek sculpture. Paying homage to the famous Venus de Milo, the marble-colored polyresin statue measures 14 inches from the base of the plinth to the top of the spear and features gold-accented versions of the Super Hero's iconic bracelets, lasso, and other accessories.

The spear is removable and the rim of the shield is inscribed with Wonder Woman's classic epithet in Greek lettering: “Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules.” This meticulously crafted collectible is truly a work of art!


Wonder Woman Season 1 Lynda Carter Maquette Statue by Tweeterhead.


Statues have been slowly making a comeback.  When 1/6 premium action figures, particularly from Hot Toys, became a hit, statues quickly became the vinyl records in a music streaming world.  But like vinyls, statues attract a small but loyal crowd of discerning collectors.

This 13" Wonder Woman polyresin statue from Tweeterhead is simply a classic vintage. Simple in its elegance. Sold out in most shops now and demanding a higher price in a short of time after release.   



Marvel Legends X-Men 6" FORGE Action Figure

This one arrived to us so late.  If you've preordered Forge, please accept our apologies.  We had to find other means to fulfil all the orders.  But looking at it, X-Men's resident techie is worth the wait.

Let us know what you think.  Would you be excited to see more of these types of collectibles from Kramer? Leave us a comment below.

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