Kramer Updates and Lots of Thank-You's

Kramer Updates and Lots of Thank-You's


  • Yes, this quite a lengthy post to make up for our enigmatic absence
  • Our Festival Mall branch is already closed
  • New Alabang Office is now operational
  • and that Kramer couch incident

We’ve gone radio silence again here for a few months.  Lots of behind-the-scenes firefighting and hard-work to keep our little business going. Like most businesses, things have been very challenging for us lately.    Even before the pandemic exploded in March, year 2020 already started slow.  The Covid scare from Jan to March, hostage drama in Greenhills, lockdowns, and staff maternity leaves have all contributed to an arduous roller coaster ride. 

We closed our Festival Mall branch on short notice (more on this later).  Rushed our transfer to a new office slash warehouse (more on this, too, later).  All executed in a short period of 2 weeks, under travel restrictions of community quarantine, and with an undermanned team. 

Yes, there were many lows, but there were also some heartwarming ups!  Today, we've chosen to celebrate this brighter part of things and honor uplifting moments in our journey.  First on our honor list is - you, guys, showing up.  In a cutthroat industry with bigger competitors, it’s really tough to keep customers happy.  Compounded by shipment delays, we projected  to lose a big chunk of our customer base.   However, as we slowly jumpstarted our business last May, you guys also started to show up en masse - with messages of support, posts, and purchases.  No drama intended here.  But we were overwhelmed by your unexpected emotional show of support!  Many of you shared and posted your touching Kramer stories online. Some upped their preorders. And some even paid their preorders in full!  Guys, we know we haven’t been very vocal on social media lately.  But please know that we are forever THANKFUL of and value your trust.  Since the beginning, Kramer was never run as a traditional profit-oriented business.  We focused on excellent customer service first, and let the business flow from there.   Though we’ve stumbled many times in the past, we are very happy to discover that you guys still remember the few times we went the extra mile for you. THANK YOU. We will continue to earn and work for your trust.

Second, we also would like to honor our suppliers and partners, especially to Funko, QMx, DST, and Hasbro and their distros.  You guys know who you are.  We appreciate the hand-holding and the special accommodations.  We will never forget.  Kramer is committed to grow with you.


Festival Mall Branch Closure and New Alabang Office

It was abrupt.  And we apologize to our patrons in the South.  But we just had to do it.  And do it fast.  Apart from our official announcement last July, we will also reach out to you individually to make arrangements for your preorders and other possible loose ends.

But if you prefer to pickup your orders soon, you may do so from our Greenhills branch, OR from our head office in Venture Building, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang.  For your convenience, our office is just a  5-minute drive (2.5km) from Festival Mall.  We’ve just transferred to a bigger space in the same building.   So soon after we’ve fixed the place — we’ll have a small showroom and, of course, a Kramer couch, to entertain you guys.

Thank you once again.  And please feel free to contact us directly for any concerns (via fb, email, viber, telegram, or IG)  We are slowly getting back to regular operations and will be able to reply to you faster.

On the lighter side of things: the Kramer couch in Greenhills is currently being repaired.  We’ve provided temporary fiberglass seats to rest your tired legs and backs.  For those using the couch to park grumpy companions, suspiciously checking on your toy purchases,  we can temporarily lock them up in our makeshift bodega inside the store.  Just give us the old hand signal and we’ll take care of the rest.

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