Thank you,  Detectives!

Thank you, Detectives!

From your friends here at Kramer,  THANK YOU!  for making Mystery Ticket a rousing success.  Thank you for joining and Thank you for the valuable feedback. You've inspired us to make future runs even more exciting and fun!

Earlier this month, we launched the very 1st run of Kramer's MYSTERY TICKET Event.  What started out as a mini in-store promo concept, quickly turned into a frenzied event that took a life of it's own.  1st batches of tickets sold out fast online.  Allotments for walk-in customers were also gobbled up fast.  While planning for the event, we knew that it would be fun.  But we never expected the kind of support it generated from the toy-collecting community. It was so heart-warming to see old friends come back again; and new ones coming and leaving with smiles of their faces.  Thank you, guys!

What's the Mystery all about? 

For those who missed the 1st run, Mystery Ticket is our limited-time IN-STORE Exclusive event.  For each run, ticket holders will get a chance to draw a featured "Mystery Item" from our (glowing) Mystery Hat. The item itself will only be revealed a day before the actual event. And quantities of the Mystery Item will also be very limited. 

But this does not mean one will go home empty handed. As other rare, chase, exclusive, and regular items are added into the mix. And even if you draw a regular item, the value you will get is still above the ticket price.


The Jollibee Funko Pop! was our featured Mystery Item for our very 1st run.
Here are some lucky, young Funko Fanatics with their Mystery 'Bee.
Chase, exclusive, or regular Pops! Everyone goes home a winner 


It was heart-warming to see old friends come back to our store again.
And new ones coming and leaving with smiles of their face. 


Exclusive Items and More!

What makes the event even more sulit is that you also get to earn Kramer Tokens once you use your tickets.  Tokens, in turn, may be redeemed for more discounts or more exclusive rewards from our store. Find out more here.


Not feeling lucky after you've bought the ticket?  

Worry not! Mystery Tickets are convertible to store credits, which you may then use to buy items you specifically want.  And better yet, Mystery Tickets are also transferrable.  So you can give them as gifts to your friends and family. And they never expire! 

Kramer is Going Green! As we continue to reduce plastic & paper waste from our stores,  Mystery Tickets and Kramer Tokens are designed to be eco-friendly.  Your tickets and tokens are emailed to you. And you also don't need to print them out. Just show us your Mystery Codes or QRcodes for scanning and that's it!  No plastic loyalty cards or paper stamp cards to fidget with, or worse, end up losing.  


Watch out for more Mysteries to solve soon!

We've got a lot of exciting ideas coming soon.  We're itching to drop hints but our editor will surely erase them anyway.  (But we just want to say we want more chicken!) So keep it locked in for our future announcements.  Join our mailing list, follow us of facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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