Hey there Stranger!

Hey there Stranger!

Welcome to our Warden's Updates Corner.  In this space we'll let you in on incoming events, promos, product ETA revisions, incoming deliveries, and on anything Pop Culture news. 


First off, Hello again! 

Many of you may have heard of us for the very 1st time. We don't blame you.  Before we opened (and closed) multiple stores back in 2006, Kramer Toy Warden started as a secret Pop Culture haven, known only to hardcore collectors.  For years, we were a tiny rebel store, that the giants in the industry wanted to swat out of existence like a gadfly.

Armed with our rare selections of G.I. Joes, Star Wars, Marvel, DC and Funko collectibles; and our obsession for friendly service and for even friendlier prices, we have been delighting pop culture enthusiasts for 12 years now.  

Today, Kramer is not so small anymore.  But our obsession still lives.  We continue to believe that toy-collecting is all about fun experiences. Starting from the price you pay, customer service that you deserve, and up to new friends you meet when you visit our stores.  The couch found in our stores is the embodiment of this promise.

So sit back and relax. 

And Welcome Home.  


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  • benjamin King

    please keep me posted on your G.I. Joe promos.

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